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2013-04-02 10:49:26 by BriAcorns

Looks like my character is getting some pretty cool action in the next part of The Destroyer's Saga. I worked on improving sound quality and I think you guys are gonna love it.

TDSIII Is out!

2013-01-11 15:02:35 by BriAcorns

Hello Newgrounds.

The Third part of The Destroyers Saga is out. Next time my character should get more development and a name, so keep your eyes peeled!

TDSIII Is out!

First Contribution

2012-08-13 23:46:42 by BriAcorns

I have made my first contribution. I am currently "Mysterious Woman" in "The Destroyers Saga Part II". I'm excited to see how my character develops, and of course what her name is.

Here is Part I. I'm not in this one but it is a must see to understand part II.

Here is Part II. My part isn't until the end scene at the Inn.

First Contribution

Voice Acting

2012-07-09 10:22:44 by BriAcorns

I'm starting my preparations for some voice acting work on here. I'm working on making my space "bounce free" according to the Rice Pirate's helpful video.

Hello Everyone

2010-11-10 23:56:59 by BriAcorns

Hello Newgrounds,

I have played games and watched videos on here for so long and I didn't even have an account. For shame on me. Now I would like to learn all the other features of the site.

Anybody have any ideas on where I should start?